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7 Effective Ways To Combat Boredom.

by Jeremy Michaels


Are you constantly bored? Sometimes we sit and wonder how to overcome our boredom. Why not get up, getting out and living? Life is too short to be bored.

The following are 7 effective ways to combat boredom:

1 – Discover your talents and gifts. Each and every one of us has talents and gifts that can be put to use for fun, productivity and success. Being productive is better than being busy. One should discover their potential in life. Whether you’re good at drawing, cooking, dancing, singing, writing, acting, taking pictures, driving, painting, playing an instrument, fixing things, building things, being innovative, etc. – the sky is the limit. When you do what you have talent and gifts in, your chances of being bored is almost nonexistent. Instead you gain creativity, ideas and purpose. Boredom is for the less creative.

2 – Be irrational. One of the main reasons why boredom has become so pervasive in our culture is that people have become too “rational”. So much planning, thinking, contemplating, debating and overthinking, etc…becomes, well, boring. Make it a goal to act irrationally at least once a week. As long as you are not hurting others with your irrational actions, this exercise can transform your life by leaps and bounds. Remember, boredom is the black hole for excitement and takes away that feeling of “being alive”. Each moment realize that you have the ability to transform boredom into exhilaration. Acting irrationally is a wonderful step in the right direction. Just do, just go, just be, just live.

3 – Alternate your forms of entertainment. A lot of people sleep when they’re bored. Although this is certainly effective, it can also become a compulsive remedy from escaping the real world. Creating the habit of alternating between your forms of entertainment will keep you happy, awake and living. Whether it’s doing your favorite hobby you’re passionate about, or reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, computers and social networking, swimming, playing sports, eating, exercising, etc. – whatever it is do what makes you entertained and happy.

4 – Learn new things, discover new places, meet new people. Nothing is more exciting than getting out of your shell. Learning something new, discovering a new place to experience and meeting a new person is so refreshing and considered cures for boredom. Life is full of opportunities and experiences so go out and explore yours. Our time is limited.

5 – Surround yourself with “Do-ers”. Boredom is addictive, and when we surround ourselves with people who are continuously ensconced in unconscious (boring) activity we tend to get pulled in. Recognize who you hang out with, and who you are connecting with. Again, there are so many people out there doing fun, productive, meaningful, and beneficial work and things. Surrounding yourself with these doers can become just as addictive.

6 – Reconnect with a old friend or distant family member. There is nothing more inspiring then hearing news of an old friend or distant family member that you have not talked to in some time. The “catching up” conversation is usually lengthy, gets the mind working in a different manner, and rarely boring. This exercise also helps you remember that there exists a very sacred connection between all human beings. Something that is so easily forgotten amid times of boredom. Also, you will almost assuredly attain a few boosts of motivation during this conversation and connection and may find that simply being there with someone else can be a transcending experience.

7 – Get in touch with nature. I had to end with this one, as there is absolutely nothing boring about the every day occurrences that transpire in nature. Feeling bored? Go outside and observe a bird in a tree, or pick up a handful of grass and spend a few moments looking at the earth in your hands. Watch the ocean waves roar and enjoy the view. How can we possible be bored when there is so much natural beauty around us? We talk a lot about nature, and claim to have an understanding of it, but I think most of us still take it for granted. Nothing will ever replace the experience of the planet that exists all around us, all the time.

If you’re always bored, it’s not because there’s nothing to do, it’s because you choose to do nothing.


by Jeremy Michaels


Earth is but a school for our soul to learn how to interact with itself, and experience it’s own energies. We must eliminate ego and accept wholeness in order to surpass what we currently are seeing amongst humanity. Don’t be blinded by man-made tales, gadgets and materials. You are the universe; it’s pronounced YOUniverse for a reason.

We all have a past we are not so proud of, mistakes made, hardships, dramas and lessons. Had we not, we wouldn’t have begun to live and progress. Know that with a clear mind, strong focus and pure intent ANYTHING is possible. Become lucid in all that you do. The walking realm is within the astral plane, within you. The material plane (what we perceive and have been deceived and taught to believe) is merely an illusion to distract and disrupt our true purpose, nature and abilities. What you have been told is “just a dream” is really where you should be placing your focus.

I’m just here to remind you to remember. Here to broaden your views and adjust your perspective. Heaven is a state of mind beyond thought, a state of being; a nirvana found within self beyond physical coordinates. Know that your purpose may not make sense to others and accept the fact in which that is of no importance. Be yourself until full and strive for the greatness in you. Speak only truth and see only love. Grow and be who you are becoming.

A Call To Doing It Your Way.

by Jeremy Michaels


Fuck the experts.

Fuck the trends.

Fuck the template.

This is a call to doing it your own way — flight or failure, success or sudden collapse. Don’t you want to go out, win or lose, knowing that at least you didn’t sell your soul?

Don’t you want to die knowing that when it came down to it, in the end you did it the-way-you-wanted-to-do-it-dammit?

Personally, that’s the way I want to be remembered. I don’t want to be number one in a category someone else created. I don’t want to master a game someone else built for me.

I don’t want to be recognized, heralded, awarded for being the greatest, when I never felt like I was being true to me.

So, this is a call to forgetting what the experts recommend. This is a banner raised for renegades, the daring pioneers, the stubborn ones that refuse to accept anything less than their heart’s deepest desires.

Whether your star rises like a supernova, or you quietly burn like a steady candle in the night — do it your own way.

Give yourself permission to forget the templates, the routines, the systems and the established “right” ways.

Forget all your good ideas and what you think should work. Be daring. Be brave. Be innovative. Be you.

Follow the call of your heart, wherever it may be leading you.

Fuck their way. Do it your way, or don’t do it at all.

You may die a bum or win a nobel prize. At least you’ll sleep soundly at night.

That is a peace that no salary, pension or prize can pacify.

Do it your way, or don’t do it at all.