Why I Don’t Care About Success?

by Jeremy Michaels

A lot of people in my field write about how to be successful, but I try to avoid it. It’s just not something I believe is important.

Now, that might seem weird to you. Like, what kind of loser doesn’t want to be successful? Me, I’m that loser in your mind. Or am I really?

Obviously, the first problem with success is how you define success. Is it becoming famous? rich? creating a world changing business? coming up with an idea that changes people’s lives? helping others? being happy? So many people with values similar to mine would reject the traditional definitions of success which are being rich or famous, or creating a huge business or even having the best-selling book.

And those people are right in my opinion. If all you’re striving for is money, you’ll do horrible things to get it. If all you want is a successful business, you’ll screw people over to get it. If all you want is fame, you’ll give up your dignity to achieve it. And that’s not “love” which completely goes against my character and my values. I am love…

I could probably get a book on the New York Times best-seller list if I really tried, but it’s not something I care enough about, and I know I’d have to do things I wouldn’t be happy doing in order to get there. I’d have to make promises I couldn’t deliver on, sell something to people who are looking for answers I don’t have, trick them into buying my book and go against my morals and character to become successful in that marketing, advertising and business field.

I could make a lot more money than I make now if I capitalized on all the readers I have and pressured them into buying something or doing something to benefit me toward success. But I really don’t think that’s a good thing, nor a loving way to be so I’d feel crappy doing that. It’s not me and never will be. I’m the oppostie of an entrepeneur because i am love and I refuse to profit and gain off others.

So those who teach you to be successful or are already successful, they’ll share methods that are a bit shady sometimes. If not, often they sell you platitudes that sound good but are too vague to really mean anything.

I’ve read many articles and blogs on how to be successful and I can’t avoid finding them because they’re everywhere, and rarely will any of them really show you how to get where you want to go. And when you don’t get there, you’ll blame not the success system, but your own inadequacies. And that’s ultimately the deeper problem.

Whatever your definition of success is, it’s something you’re looking for. Something that exists in the future. It’s based on your desire to achieve something, your feelings that you’re not where you want to be. That’s why the snake oil salesmen are so “successful”. They capitalize on the feelings of inadequacies that other people have. And I think that’s horrible and the sole reason why the world is the way it is.

But beyond that, the trap of striving for this future “success”, it’s never-ending. You strive for more, and then when you get there, if you ever get there, you’ll strive for more again. You’re never satisfied. People who have a billion dollars, for example, they’re successful, right? Why don’t they stop trying to make money, then? Why would they possibly need more than a billion dollars? How can you possibly spend that much? They strive to make more because there will never be enough. They’ll never be successful enough. That’s true not just of the rich, but of anyone who strives for their version of success. Striving is a condition that doesn’t have an end, unless you give it up.

Now let’s talk my perspective. I might have a lot of readers now on this website, over 100,000 a day but I don’t feel that’s what makes me a success. I’ve been a success since day 1, because even when I had 0 readers, I was doing what I loved. Even when no one else would have called me a success, I absolutely loved writing and self improving and I was as happy as I am right now.

Success isn’t about achieving something in the future to me, but about doing something right now that you love. So doesn’t that mean I care about success? Well, sure, because I define success as whatever I love to do and passionate about. I’d rather live comfortably and happy then strive for a never ending more that the averaged person is conditioned to. Success really doesn’t have a meaning, does it? Because your definition of success is whatever your mind and perspective makes it out to be. So if success can mean anything, then it means nothing.

So forget about “success”, and just find value. Values and morals include happiness, joy, passion, love, giving, caring, sharing, helping and awesomeness right now, in this moment. “That” is a success you can achieve without any self-help course, without any methods, without going against your character and purpose, without using, owing, borrowing, forgetting, neglecting and unloving people. It’s a lifestyle of value and purpose that brings unlimited happiness and love.



by Jeremy Michaels


I’m in love with self seeking. Constantly looking for ways to discover the depths of me. Constantly learning, constantly thinking.

I’m addicted to my own energy. It is my ultimate source of light and my connection with myself and society.

I learned through my trails, that I am my own savior and my own pick-me-up.

Growth is my responsibility.

Jeremy Michaels.

A quick read if you have a moment and would like to peek into who I am…

unnamed (1)

Name?: Jeremy Michaels.

Location?: NYC, the city of opportunity.

Who Do You Consider Yourself?: I consider myself a young man with an old soul. A gentleman. Lover. Supporter. Writer. Author. Educator. Teacher. Encourager. Motivator. Philanthropist. Entrepreneur. Son. Brother. Uncle.

Purpose?: Finding my way through this planet one sacred space at a time, to demonstrate that my purpose is not to flaunt, but to awaken. To teach and self improve, and in hopes shaken the very being that you are into a state of remembrance and understanding. My purpose is to share what I know, what I’ve experienced to create a better world. I am here to remind you to remember – to awaken those who have yet to realize they are asleep. I believe in finding one’s purpose – their goals, dreams and aspirations and enlightening them to the fact that these are all accessible through pure intent, focus, peace and love. I aim to share my creative release in all forms to bring forth love, positivity and wisdom to the masses on this planet.

What Is Success To You?: To me success is happiness and love. And that’s inner peace, self-awareness, well-being, living life fully and experiencing consistent positive equal energy exchanges. It’s giving, sharing, caring, being selfless and improvement. It’s acknowledging your self and being, embracing who you are, doing what you love and love what you’re doing and releasing all fears, doubts, worries, pride and self ego – then activating the same sequence in another.

Why Do You Do What You Do?: The very same reason I breathe. I preach peace and love because I am peace and love and I want to create a better positive world. I preach wisdom and self-improvement because I I wish for the world to awaken to their limitless, luminous light and potential. I truly want to make a difference.



Happy Thanksgiving.

by Jeremy Michaels


I’m thankful for love, because of it I have life.
I’m thankful for discomfort, because of it I’ve grown.
I’m thankful for failure, because of it I have focus.
I’m thankful for disappointment, because of it I have discernment.
I’m thankful for loss, because of it I know the value of time.
I’m thankful for rejection, because of it I learned to do things myself.
I’m thankful for my mistakes, because of them I have wisdom.
I’m thankful for pain, because of it I found my purpose.
I’m thankful for my mom, because of her I am love.
I’m thankful for it all, the good and the bad, because of it I’m me!
I’m thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Love to all.

Me & Relationships.

I’m not down for time wasted.
I’m not down for empty emotions.
I’m not down for being used.
I’m not down for being heartbroken.

I’m not a “down for whatever” kind of person when it comes to matters of my heart. I don’t do false relationships (a.k.a situationships) and I don’t get blinded by fake love. I’m for unconditional love and happiness. And I need passion, purpose and peace.

I’m inspired by and attracted to true possibilities. If I know the person or situation has none, I don’t want anything to do with it or them. We’re either building something (friendship, relationship, business, etc.) or we’re wasting each other’s time.

I’m on a mission and when you’re on a mission, you have direction. I understand the importance of purpose and I don’t have time to waste. Every person that attempts to enter my life, I ask myself what’s the motive? intentions? purpose?

I know every situation isn’t going to lead to a forever, but it has to at least contribute to making me better. It takes a lot of time and energy to get to know a person, so if we’re talking, it has to be for a reason. It has to have meaning. It has to have purpose and the motives and intentions must be positive.

And if this is asking for too much, I don’t want nothing to do with you.

I have to know that you won’t shut me out when you’re angry. I have to know you’ll still give me the best of you in the worst of times. I have to know you’ll still value my time, even when it isn’t convenient or when you’re busy. I have to know you’ll respect my heart and our bond, even if you aren’t always pleased with my actions. I have to know if I can trust you, and that stretches far beyond cheating. I have to know you’ll be loyal and there through the ups and downs and storms of random life situations. I have to know you’ll value and appreciate my presence and efforts.

I’m not saying I want something perfect. But I am saying I value security. I want something that can endure. I don’t want that relationship you feel you have to escape from, or the one that becomes a burden. I don’t want to argue about the same things over and over again, or have to worry that I’ll lose your trust every time I make a mistake. I don’t want to get used, heartbroken, or waste my time or my partner’s time.

It’s not that I don’t want a relationship, it’s just that I don’t want all the stuff I’ve ever known relationships to be. Love is less about finding the right person and more about creating the right relationship with someone. It’s a commitment to protecting another person’s heart with the same passion you use to guard your own.

Worthy recognizes worthy.

When I see a keeper, I’d keep her. Whether she’s a potential friend or potential lover.


Top 5 Things I Look For In a Woman.

by Jeremy Michaels

1 – A good mindset
Her mindset is everything to me. It’s what controls her actions.

2 – Good character / class
Character is very important to me because it’s basically who she is. It’s everything from her values and morals, her lifestyle, her ways, her manners, how she acts and reacts and how she carries herself. (class)

3 – Quality
Quality determines her worth. What she got to offer? Is she a woman of worth? Can she make me better? Do I see wife potential in her?

4 – Personality
Her personality is important to me because it’s going to determine if we’re going to vibe and connect.

5 – Physical looks: face / body
It’s not shallow. Her looks are important to me because it’s what keeps me sexually attracted to her. I can’t fall in love with someone who I’m not attracted to. Her physical appearance is instantly determined.

Love Me Letter.

by Jeremy Michaels


If you wrote a love letter to yourself, what would you say?

I gave myself a simple task to write a love letter to myself. The exercise was to express my thoughts to show the perception and appreciation of myself. I challenge you all to give it a try.

Dear Me,

I’m grateful for your presence. Your face is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. Your flaws make you perfect in my eyes because I know that there’s only one of you. You were created to flood this world with your open heart and love. I know life can sometimes get tough but you continue to keep faith, stay positive and move forward. I’m proud of you. My love for you grows with every passing second. You are the love of my life. I promise to protect you, guide you and understand you. I will always be honest and true with you no matter how much it hurts. May god continue to bless you with more years on this earth, good health and more happiness.

Love, Me.

The one who will always be there, your self conscious

The Characteristics of a Gentleman.


by Jeremy Michaels

Being a gentleman is a lot more than opening doors and paying the bill on dates. It’s a lifestyle. It’s how you present yourself, how you think, speak, dress, act, and live. Being a gentleman should no longer be impressive, it should be the normal way a man should be.

The following are some characteristics of a gentleman:

– Is humble, positive and confident.
– Is a one woman man.
– Is a man of love and a man of loyalty.
– Is a man of respect.
– Is a consistent person, a man of his word.
– Is a man of values who stands by his principles.
– Is a man who understands that if he’s not ready to take a woman’s heart, he will tell her that to save her heart, instead of leading her on to break her heart.
– Is a man who understands the value of love and commitment and won’t jeopardize his integrity for a moment of unfaithful pleasure.
– Is a man who holds himself accountable and accepts responsibility for his actions, roles and situations in life.
– Is a man that understands he’s nothing if he can’t resist temptation or have enough power to demonstrate self control.
– Is a man that’s not offended by a woman that can offer just as much or more than he could financially.
– Is a man that would rather hurt a heart with the truth that can heal than damage a heart with a lie that can’t recover.
– Is a man that understands emotions are part of life and doesn’t make him less of a man to release his emotions.
– Is a man that understands failure is not failing, but failure is no longer trying to succeed.
– Is a intelligent man of wisdom who self improves daily.
– Is a man that doesn’t allow his mistakes in the past to keep him from his future.
– Is not a ladies man, but a man many women find charming and attractive.
– Is a man who doesn’t need to tell women he’s a real man. A real woman recognizes a real man when she sees one.

Being a gentleman will never go out of style.

To all the fellas out there, become a gentleman.

To all the women out there, attract a gentleman.

All Gentlemanly.

Why Is He Single?

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 5.53.11 PM

I’m Single Because…I’m focusing on my goals and being successful. Focusing on what makes me truly happy at the moment. I have priorities and dreams and my attention are focused on them. Until “she” comes in my life naturally and becomes my priority and dream. I’d rather love to come naturally than to unnecessarily force it.

I’m Single Because…I haven’t came across a woman with a strong connection for us to even be together. As of this moment, I’ve still have yet to experience that deep sense of connectivity and love that’s necessary for me to go into a commitment. In my years of living, I’ve experience all types of relationships except a true love one backed by trust, loyalty, communication, consistency, motivation and effort.

I’m Single Because…I refuse to fall in “lust” like most people. If there’s no true feelings there, I will not commit. I refuse to my waste “my” time or “her” time. If I’m not ready to take her heart, I will tell her that to save her heart instead of leading her to “lust” to break her heart. I don’t do situationships or false relationships. I understand the value of commitment. I won’t be in a false commitment like most people. It gotta be real. It gotta be true. It gotta be love. I gotta feel it.

I’m Single Because…never will I settle for less than what I deserve. I know my worth and I know what I want and deserve. She has to be worth my time.

10 Great Relationship Qualities I Have.

by Jeremy Michaels

1 – I keep my word. If I say I’m going to do something, I make sure I get it done. I’m consistently consistent. “If a man’s word is weak, the man is weak”.

2 – I speak through my actions. I show love, respect, loyalty, commitment and grind through my actions. My words are valuable and backed up by my actions. My actions = my spokesperson. “Your words say nothing because your actions show everything.”

3 – I value my time. A man who wastes his own time, will play with yours. You can tell a lot about a man from his schedule and who and what he keeps around him.

4 – I Am Love. Love is my religion. I’m a love machine – a charming person who loves to give and loves to share. I care too much, a little too much sometimes and I always speak from the heart. Love is the language of the heart. I’m a permanent crutch for anybody in my circle. I live to love because I love to live. “All you have to do is love to be loved”

5 – I’m loyal. I value loyalty. I don’t waver in rough times, I’m really someone you can count on. I figured out the best way to express my love is through my loyalty. “If a man can’t commit to you, he won’t be loyal to you.”

6 – I’m chivalrous by nature, I’m a gentleman. You won’t have to ask for effort, I take pride in my appreciation of the simple things. I understand the value of love and commitment. And I know the value of a good woman. Being a gentleman is my lifestyle. It’s how I was raised and it’s how I live.

7 – I’m a positive individual. Having a good head on my shoulders and a great mindset makes me positive. I try to surround myself with positivity and live a positive lifestyle. “If a man is always negative, he’ll be negative for your life”

8 – I don’t move in haste. I don’t act in spite. I don’t seek revenge. I don’t compete. I don’t have game. I don’t got swag. I’m not self made. I don’t argue. I don’t hold grudges. I don’t waste time. I don’t front. I don’t cheat. I don’t chase fame. I don’t showoff. I don’t act cocky. I’m just not “them” – them meaning the averaged man.

9 – I know the value of a good woman. I’m a gentleman. I won’t play with her heart, I won’t play with her head, I just refuse to play games. I won’t waste her time or my time. I know worthy when I see worthy because worthy recognizes worthy. When I see a keeper, I keep her. Whether she’s a loyal friend or potential lover.

10 – I improve myself daily and I’m out to inspire, motivate, educate and help and improve others. A man that improves daily and understands life is a learning experience is the type of man you should want around. “A man that makes himself better, has the true potential to support you and make you better.”