Hi, my name is Jeremy Michaels. I consider myself a young man with an old soul. The lessons and knowledge I’ve learned in my years of living are absolutely priceless. The wisdom I’ve gathered are even greater. I love watching myself grow and I’m very thankful for that. Life is simply a learning experience and us as people have a responsibility to create a better self and teach and better one another. Having said that, I’m out to better the world.

The purpose of this website is to share what I know and what I’ve experienced to create a better world. Under the umbrella of self improvement, I cover food and nutrition, healthy living, fitness, personal development, love and relationships, and being awake and aware.. My mission is to better people – to educate, inspire, influence, motivate, encourage, empower, help and support others. It’s to uplift you with my wisdom, knowledge and experiences. I have been empowering and inspiring others to find a greater balance and purpose in their own lives and I simply have a passion for what God has called me to do. I pray that those who check in daily, weekly and monthly to this blog site has an open mind and is open to learning more. I pray each and every one of you self improve daily, become a better person and live a healthy lifestyle.

The mission is to create a better you.

If you want a better world, create a better you. We are responsible for what happens in the future. We are the teachers that are teaching the students of this generation. We make the beds that they lay in and we leave the footprints that they will follow. So if we don’t create a better self there’s no way we can provide a better environment and a better future. We have to start upholding our responsibilities in raising the seeds of tomorrow and stop letting the world damage that garden. Regardless of what you think, somebody somewhere at some time is or will be looking up to you and you should have enough side pride to make sure that you’re someone worth looking at. We should take pride in being leaders and remember never to be a follower. We should make sure our minds are as well developed as our bodies. Where your head goes, your body will follow. Where your thoughts go, your life will follow. Faith or fear will create your future. We must know what experiences to keep and which ones to throw out. Everything you hold on to should be to better you. No matter how good we think of ourselves, we should always recognize that there’s room for self improvement. We should improve ourselves daily and strive for growth. Everyday reach the fullness of your potential, whether it’s in big leaps, stepping stones or baby steps. The only person better than you is the person you’ve yet to become. Be the better version of the thought of you.

Becoming a “better you” is not an easy transition, but your life is worth the struggle. True progress is when you find yourself making conscious decisions to change and improve the way you do things. It definitely happened to me as I invested in myself and found the value in me. The greatest investment you’ll ever make in life is the investment in yourself. It’s when your ideals start challenging your mind and your heart starts opening. It’s when your existence begins to show and you discover your purpose in life. It’s when you start saying “no” to something you used to say “yes” to or vice versa, because you know what decisions are best for yourself. Life is a learning experience and we should never graduate from being a student of life. We should never think we’re too smart to learn and we should never think we’re too advanced to improve. The earth is our school, life is our class and our actions are the lessons. You live and you learn. You grow and you change. As students of life we must learn from our experiences and mistakes, and learn from one another. I believe we were all put here for each other. Life is all about getting better day by day. Everyday is a gift, unwrap yours every morning and become a better person everyday. Make growth an individual goal and let your self reflections and introspections make positive change.  Knowing better is doing better. A better life starts with a better you!

Love, Jeremy Michaels

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  1. Hi, I think your information is wonderful! I will keep reading your posts for sure. Do you have a Facebook page? My mission is the same as yours- to help people be the best they can be, get the best information, make informed healthy decisions and live a healthy holistic life by making conscious decisions and loving with all their heart and soul. Have you ever heard of the Caritos processes by Dr Jean Watson? You might want to check them out on UTube. Thank you! May God continue to bless the work you do.

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