10 Important Relationship Reminders For The Fellas.

by Jeremy Michaels


1. Don’t get so comfortable that you stop pursuing her. Smart men never stop making their woman feel wanted. A man who continues to pursue his woman when he already has her, keeps her.

2. Don’t forget to make her smile a priority to you. The man who works for her smile, earns and keeps her heart.

3. Keep your word. A consistent man is a worthy one. Trust is one of the main foundations to a strong healthy relationship.

4. Don’t try to manipulate situations. Be man enough to admit when you’re wrong, be strong enough to make it right.

5. Don’t make her feel like she’s competing for your time. Make sure she knows she’s valuable to you. It’s never about having time, it’s about making time. Effort is everything.

6. Don’t get lazy. There’s always somebody else that wants what you have. Protect your treasure with your love, appreciation and effort. Don’t get lazy in making her happy, protected, secured, satisfied, pleased and appreciated.

7. Don’t judge. Everyone makes mistakes and learns from them. Don’t judge her mistakes or her past. And most importantly don’t judge her ways of being just because you’re different or think differently. Enjoy her for who she is or leave her alone. Acceptance is key.

8. Don’t assume she knows you care. Show her love, support and care every chance you get. Write letters, send flowers, give massages, listen to her, give her feedback, give her compliments, etc. Show love by both your actions and words and get creative.

9. Don’t stop doing the little things. Be romantic, be spontaneous, be her outlet. Don’t become predictable. Think about what’s most important.

10. Don’t give up so easily. When a real man wants something, he does what he has to do to get it and keep it. Only if she’s worth the effort and time.

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