70 Ways To Be Romantic.

by Jeremy Michaels

Love Romance and More 2

There are inexpensive ways to be romantic, and it will pay off for your relationship in many ways.

Why inexpensive? Well, you could rent a limo and take your lover to a 5-star French restaurant and afterward take them to a trip to the snow-capped Alps, or rent a stadium and have a famous celebrity sing for them, but more doesn’t equal happiness. Inexpensive equals simple and romantic dates should be simple and more focused on the love and connection between you and your partner. And I don’t know about you, but the average person can’t even afford a expensive date more than once a month in this economy. It’s best to resort to simplicity and romance.

Before I get into the list, read below on how to use the list:

  • Weekly dates: I recommend you have a simple date at least once a week with your partner. Remember, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but at least find some way to spend a couple hours time together.
  • Communicate: Romantic gestures don’t take the place of real communication. Take time to talk about your goals, your dreams, your future plans, your current lives, things you’re happy and unhappy about, things you love about each other, things you’d like to work on, things you’re grateful for, and life itself.
  • Inspiration: This list below on ways to be romantic on a budget contains a lot of obvious stuff. You could probably come up with twice as many good ideas yourself. But the list doesn’t aim for originality, it aims to be an inspiration. Pick and choose some good ideas, or use it to spark some of your own. Sometimes we just need a little reminder.
  • Forget Valentines Day: Boycott Valentines Day, as it makes people think they should be romantic on special occasions. Instead, pick one of these ideas and do it any day of the week or weekend. There’s no need for a special day or occasion to celebrate your love for your partner.

Here Are… 70 Ways To Be Romantic:

1 – Cook a romantic candle-light dinner.
2 – Set up a romantic candle-light scented bath for your partner.
3 – Give a full body massage.
4 – Breakfast in bed.
5 – Chocolates and wine on a random day.
6 – Leave random little love notes everywhere.
7 – Take a bubble bath together.
8 – Pick wildflowers on the way home.
9 – Write a love poem to your partner.
10 – Write a old fashioned love letter to your partner and mail it. Be romantic, creative and have fun with it.
11 – Have a picnic during sunset.
12 – Snuggle together on a rainy day.
13 – Kiss in the rain.
14 – Take a moonlit walk on the beach.
15 – Ride a ferris wheel together.
16 – Take a nap together.
17 – Listen and slow dance to romantic music together.
18 – Snuggle and watch romantic movies together.
19 – Read love poetry together.
20 – Make a scrapbook with photos and notes of memories together.
21 – Make romantic good morning/goodnight phone calls/text messages.
22 – Make a list of everything you like about your partner and give it to them.
23 – Do something random to make your partner smile and happy.
24 – Write “I love you” with the steam on the bathroom mirror after you shower so your partner can see it.
25 – Take a walk down memory lane – visit some of the special places from your early days of dating.
26 – Feed each other grapes, peaches and cream and/or strawberries.
27 – Groom yourself and look physically good for your partner everyday.
28 – Make time for quality time together to do whatever you and your partner pleases to do.
29 – Go to the movies, ignore the movie and make-out like teenagers.
30 – Recreate your partner’s favorite romantic movie scene.
31 – Make a love song playlist that’s meaningful to your relationship.
32 – Make a love song playlist for your sex life.
33 – Be humorous and make your partner laugh.
34 – Surprise him/her with a meaningful gift of their interest.
35 – Give your partner a pedicure and foot rub.
36 – Paint each other with flavored body paint. Be creative.
37 – Go rock climbing together and help each other make it to the top.
38 – Swim together.
39 – When your partner least expects it, give them a compliment, a big kiss, a strong hug, take them to a romantic setting, etc.
40 – King of the day / Queen of the day. Declare that you will dedicate a particular day to your partner to do whatever they want.
41 – Make videos together.
42 – Create romantic communication codes for each other so nobody knows what you guys are talking about.
43 – Hot tub or jacuzzi with your partner with wine.
44 – Do a blindfold surprise for your partner in a romantic setting.
45 – Invent a dinner meal and name it after him/her.
46 – Rose petals on the floor.
47 – Make a romantic love collage and have it printed on a card.
48 – Buy each other underwear, lingerie, etc. with love messages on it.
49 – “Pretend” you’re going on a first date with your partner. Show up at the door with flowers, dressed up, and recreate how you guys started.
50 – Sing a favorite love song to your partner. Only attempt this if you can sing fairly well.
51 – Try some sexy role-playing. Play truth or dare, get dressed up, have fun.
52 – Say I love you, in a different way, everyday.
53 – Blindfold your partner. Use a feather. Slowly and gentle.
54 – Fall asleep on the phone together.
55 – Dress each other, then undress each other.
56 – Be close and intimate: Hold hands. whisper to each other, etc.
57 – Take showers together.
58 – Use incense, candles, oils, silks, black lights to create the mood.
59 – Learn to say “I love you” or other sweet romantic messages in a foreign language.
60 – Take an interest in your partner’s interests. For a woman it might be watching a football game with your man. And for men it might be going to see a chick-flick. Do it with a spirit of enthusiasm and love. Have fun.
61 – Look in each other’s eyes.
62 – Skinny dip with each other.
63 – Consistently flirt with each other.
64 – Pray together.
65 – Go hiking and camp out together.
66 – Make sacrifices for each other.
67 – Tell each other your most sacred secrets and fears.
68 – Do a romantic drawing for your partner if you can draw/paint.
69 – Act out mutual fantasies together.
70 – One word – foreplay.

Be Grateful.

by Jeremy Michaels


QUESTION: Why was I allowed to wake up today when other people died?

Being ungrateful is normal for those that overlook their daily blessings. Don’t let “losing it” make you appreciate it afterwards. Understand that there’s millions of people praying and wishing to be in your shoes, so stay thankful for the shoes you walk in. Remember to count your blessings first and then you’ll find no room for complaints. Always appreciate your life, your possessions and your love ones. Enjoy the lifetime that you have and grow from the experiences you are blessed with. Today, remind yourself to appreciate something or someone. Tell someone you appreciate them. It really doesn’t take much time to be grateful, it just takes effort.

Any day above ground is a good day since our lives are limited. Always remember, things could always be worse than what it is. Your worst day is a homeless man’s best day. Just remember somebody always has it worst than you. Your complaints are another person’s dreams. Be grateful for what you have and pray for those that need it more than you. Over 100,000 people didn’t wake up to see today and you weren’t one of them. Over 2 million people are unemployed and you have the privilege to “clock-in”. Millions more can’t get access to our overlooked blessings such as water, food, clothing, shelter and/or safety. Before you complain, give thanks first. I’m sure you’ll discover you’re too blessed to be stressed.

Empty-Handed & Full-Hearted.

by Jeremy Michaels


We often load ourselves up when we travel, because we want to be prepared for various situations. This burden of being prepared leaves us with our arms full, unable to receive whatever is there when we arrive.

It leaves us tired from carrying, so that we are not happy when we meet someone new on our travels.

What if we traveled with empty hands, ready to embrace new experiences, receive new foods, meet and touch new people?

We might feel less prepared when we leave, but the preparedness is an illusion. Stuff doesn’t make us prepared. Having empty hands but a heart that is full of love leaves us prepared for anything.

This doesn’t just apply to taking a trip, but to living each day. Each day is a journey, and we load ourselves up with material possessions, with tasks and projects, with things to read and write, with meetings and calls and texts. Our hands are full, not ready for anything new.

Starting today… drop everything and be open to everything and everyone.

Enter each day empty-handed, and full-hearted.

It’s all about the journey.

5 Signs She’s Not Ready For Commitment.

by Jeremy Michaels


Most women want to be with a man who is ready for commitment; however, there are some women out there who are dating guys and have no intention of committing. They’re wasting your time! and money!

There are guys out there who take women out to get to know them, treat them well and show nothing but devotion and kindness, but they get treated like a revolving door and are subjected to nothing but mind games, inconsistency and drama in return.

Women are best judged by their actions, so here are some of the top signs that the woman you’re dating is not ready to commit to you.

1 – She spends more time with her girlfriends than you. If you find that the woman you are dating seems to enjoy hanging out with her girlfriends way more than she enjoys hanging out with you and you can barely get her to come out for some one-on-one time, there’s obviously something wrong.

2 – She doesn’t return your phone calls and/or text messages. Don’t assume that she lost your number or she’s busy. If she won’t return your calls or texts, it is a very clear sign that she has a low interest in you. Maybe her story about a busy schedule is somewhat true, but a woman is going to find a way to return a call/text with a guy she’s serious about. If she can’t return a simple form of communication, it should be clear that you are not a priority to her life.

3 – She won’t share her feelings. Women love to talk about their feelings; but, when asked how she feels about you and the relationship, if she can’t quite seem to answer the question, there’s a big problem. If she gives off mixed signals and never gives you the opportunity to get close, she’s probably happy with the distance between you. These vague and non-committal women usually tell you things like “I think you’re okay” and “Why don’t we just see how things go.” Statements like these mean that she’s handing you what’s called false hope. It’s a complete waste of time and energy and women like this will not be with you.

4 – She constantly talks about her past relationships. She talks so often about how all of the multiple men she has dated have mistreated her, you may start to wonder whether she is racking up a list of your offenses so she can tell her next boyfriend about them. If you are dating a woman who cannot seem to realize that she has met a brand new guy who deserves a chance, she is not even remotely ready to be in a serious relationship with you. Her emotional baggage stands in her way and creates a wall that she can only break down.

5 – She is only interested in what you can do for her. If she sees you as a meal ticket or, even worse, as a rent check, or a down payment for a car, here’s the truth: your girlfriend is a gold-digger. She is very interested in what you have but she is not interested in you. This can only last for so long as you realize the kind of person she is. Women should never demand what they can’t offer themselves.

You Control You.

by Jeremy Michaels


Some people are not happy for one simple reason; they hand over their joy into the hands of everything around them. They complain about everything and are never satisfied swimming in self pity and drowning in misery. I hear and see countless people stagnant in life all because they got offended by something or someone. Freedom is to understand that no one can offend you without your consent. You must be strong enough in your identity to rise above what other people do or say to you. Understand that everyone has a right to act as they please. Just because something doesn’t match your preference, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. The world does not spin for your preference, so use the offense as a spotlight to better identify the weakness within yourself and aim to grow in that area. A fool is the person who is offended where no offense is intended and a greater fool is the person who is offended where offense is intended.

Stop putting your joy into other people’s hands and take responsibility. The best ability is responsibility as once you own it you can control it.



by Jeremy Michaels


I’m in love with self seeking. Constantly looking for ways to discover the depths of me. Constantly learning, constantly thinking.

I’m addicted to my own energy. It is my ultimate source of light and my connection with myself and society.

I learned through my trails, that I am my own savior and my own pick-me-up.

Growth is my responsibility.


by Jeremy Michaels


Don’t let others make you insecure of your change. As your life grows so will the jealousy in others. The more good you do, the more bad they’ll try to expose. The brighter your future becomes, the more they’ll try to bring up your dark past. IGNORE IT. Your job is to keep shining and keep growing. Keep being you and keep living. No matter who they say you were, just remember who you’re becoming. Rise above the hate, criticism and judgements. Not everybody is going to believe. Some people will call you crazy. Some people will call you weird. Some people will cut you off. Some people will laugh. But keep going! Don’t let doubt deter you. Don’t let hate hamper you. Don’t let fear phase you. Pursue what’s in your heart and do what you enjoy doing and live in the favor of you. Be committed to doing what’s best for you and your life and most importantly be yourself.

Get out of your shell and your brainwashed way of living based on society’s standards. Do what you interests you and be the “weird you” while surrounding yourself with similar and like-minded individuals. It will never matter who likes your changes, just make sure you never let anybody think respecting it is optional. Ordinary people make complaints. Extraordinary people make changes. People don’t want to see who you’re becoming, they only pay attention to who you’ve been. You may not be able to stop people from doubting you but never allow their doubts to define you. You have to know who you are regardless of what anybody else tries to make you out to be. It’s the realization that everyone grows at different paces and loving yourself and loving them through the progression can be beneficial to growth. Spend your life doing strange things with weird people. And be who you are becoming.