10 Women Tips On The Kind of Man To Look For.

By Jeremy Michaels

1. Look for a man of love, a man of loyalty, a man of honesty, a man of respect, a man who values truth and a man of values who stands by his principles. And you’ll have no worries whatsoever.

2. Look for a man that is better at calming you down then he is at provoking you. A good man brings balance, a bad one brings confusion.

3. Look for a man who knows how to say no. If he lets you walk all over him, he’s not a man, he’s a doormat. Weak characteristics are red flags.

4. Look for a man who is well rounded. An unintelligent man who isn’t wise and knowledgable about life won’t be able to add value to yours.

5. Look for a man who is generous, not wasteful. He should offer to pay a bill before he offers to take you shopping.

6. Look for a man who has goals. One who knows what he wants and more importantly, what it takes to get it.

7. Look for a man who values communication. One who cares about how you think and how you feel. One who listens and understands more than he speaks.

8. Look for a man with vision. If his steps have no direction, your relationship won’t either. You’ll be stuck going no where.

9. Look for man who values hard work. A man who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat.

10. Look for a man who is ambitious and determined. The sky shouldn’t be the limit, it should be the beginning.


Basically, look for a gentleman.

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