10 Things That Will Make You More Attractive.

by Jeremy Michaels

1. Be well rounded. Know a little about a lot. Music, movies, places, news, technology or intelligence in general.

2. Be open minded. Don’t be so closed off and stuck in your past that you can’t experience something new.

3. Be sincere. Whether you’re real or not shouldn’t be questioned. Develop genuineness if it doesn’t come natural.

4. Be consistent. Your words and your actions should always match. Don’t care deeply in your words and be nonchalant in your actions.

5. Be refreshing. Be able to expose people to something new. Whether it’s food, a place, a book, a hobby or an activity. Things get old so it’s your job to keep things new.

6. Be genuine. Your word and your name is all your have. Stay true in a way that preserves and adds to your value.

7. Be exclusive. Anything that’s available to everybody is wanted by nobody. Especially when it comes to love and dating.

8. Be daring. Take chances and be spontaneous. A predictable life is a boring life.

9. Be confident. Know how to take control and when to be assertive. There’s nothing like having somebody that knows their worth and knows what they want.

10. Be secure. Know who you are and what you have to offer. And most importantly, be yourself.

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